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Barkerville Fudge & Bumblebee Boutique

Julie-Anne Runge & Martin Runge
473 McLean St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-991-0951

Canadian Tire

Retail / Automotive
Steve Dewling
570 Newman Street
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-747-5274

Cariboo Friendship Society

Gail Quon
99 Third Avenue South
Williams Lake BC
Ph: 250-398-6381

Cariboo Keepsakes

Susan Gook
102 Carson Ave
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-991-0419

Dusty Trunk

Sheila Phinney
4651 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-3150

Four Rivers Co-operative

Retail / Fuel
Wade Sharp
1280 Quesnel-Hixon Rd
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-7274

Green Tree Health and Wellness Ltd

Marilyn Allin
355 Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-991-0298

JD Meats

Grocery Store / Retail
Ken Worobets
435 Elliot St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-7110

K-Max Games and Videos

Mitchell Vik & Tammi Vik
326 Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-8343

Karin's Delicatessen & Health Foods

Lori Freeman
436 Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-7312

Mama C's Gifts 'N' Giggles

Cheryl O'Flynn
424B Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-983-8824

Q Brew

368 A Juniper Rd
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-747-7472

Safeway - Canada

Grocery Store / Retail
Kyla Cooper
445 Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-6477

South Quesnel Liquor Store ( 1129581 B.C. Ltd )

South Quesnel Liquor Store ( 1129581 B.C. Ltd ) Retail
Tyler Mulligan
2330 Quesnel - Hydraulic Road
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-747-3400

Walk-Rite Shoe Store

Melanie Ablitt
#103-246 St. Laurent Ave.
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-991-7983

West Park Mall

Shopping Mall / Retail
Nicole Roberts
9-155 Malcolm Ave
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-6765

Willis Harper Hardware & Furniture

Furniture & Appliances / Retail
Bruce Broughton
288 Reid St
Quesnel BC
Ph: 250-992-2135